Hassle-Free Mobile Phone Recycling

More and more people are realising that smartphones and tablets can really help improve the running of everyday life, especially through this coronavirus pandemic – Some more than others.

Not everyone needs a smartphone, especially users who just want a mobile phone for the odd text or emergency situation. However, many of us today are confident users of modern technology and use our devices for all kinds of everyday tasks, even for saving money, ordering food or staying home during a lockdown.

Because mobile phones are so advanced these days,  they also soon become dated very quickly too. If you upgrade, then recycle your old phone as soon as you get the new one. Don’t tuck the old one away in a drawer for a rainy day! – Sell it and get the cash!

What do you use your mobile phone for?

There are hundreds and hundreds of useful applications to help you save money or make your life run smoother. From finding an address when you’re lost to getting a discount code while in the supermarket – Smartphones are perfect for this modern world.

It comes down to personal preference to which smartphones is best for your needs.

As requirements of the uses of a mobile phone have changed dramatically over the past few years so has the requirements for add on’s –  Free text messages and minutes are almost standard in contract now and TODAY users need lots data to run all these applications they now use. Get as much as you possibly can is better than not having enough to grow into.

FREE Data Included Contracts.

Mobile phone contract providers won’t think twice about charging you if you for going over your monthly FREE data allowance, so make sure you have enough when you sign on the dotted line. (Although you can probably change your contract usage, you might find it costly to do so though).


Most FREE data included contracts only have enough free data to watch a handful of YouTube videos so it could be used up in a day or two so make sure you do your checks.

With mobile phones offering so many features now, the handsets are expensive to produce.  Some of the cost will be added to the monthly fees that you pay.  This cost can often be spread over a term of up to 24 months. Think long and hard before entering into a lengthy contract. If possible try to pay for some of the phone upfronts in order to reduce the contract period. You don’t want to be struggling to keep up payments if your financial circumstances suddenly change for the worse.

A report carried out by Ofcom some time ago showed that there are more mobile phone connections in the UK than there are people. This means we all need to recycle our mobile phones in a sensible way. You also need to get as much money we can for them as well.

Selling you old or unwanted mobile phone

As I said, if you are going to upgrade your mobile phone then don’t tuck it away, sell it while it has more value. If you are not wanting to sell it privately using free selling websites (read a previous article about this HERE ) consider using a mobile phone recycling website. This is a great way to raise some money to put toward a newer phone model.

By using a mobile recycling website a phone like an Apple or Samsung could bag you a few hundred. My friend sold his phone privately and got less than he would have got using a recycling website so double-check the worth of your old mobile phone before you sell it privately. Many online recycling companies will even take broken and water damaged phones although you will get less for it.

A few mobile recycling websites to check out:

Sell My Mobile Homepage Screenshot

SellMyMobile.com – One of the leading mobile recycling comparison websites. They compare prices of over 38 of the top phone buyers. You can follow trends, read articles and even live chat with them. They have featured in the BBC, Daily Express, and Telegraph newspaper. You can read some really interesting articles on their blog too.

Mazuma Mobile Homepage

Mazumbamobile.com – Easy to use the search facility and some great prices offered.  Do they say it’s what customers think that counts? With over 80,000 independent customer reviews with a 98% Trust score which is extremely impressive. They offer a free and simple process for recycling your mobile phone.

Envirofone Homepage Screenshot

envirofone.com – With over 3 million satisfied customers Envirofone boast throughout 2013 they offered on average 18% more than their competitors. So if you’re looking for competitive prices, be sure to visit their website. Envirofone accepts water damaged phones. They send you everything you need, a box and a bag (unlike other recycling companies you’ll probably have to find your own box).

Fonebank Homepage Screenshot

Fonebank.com – Payment is issued the day they receive your phone. You can type in your phones model number or IMEI number to get a fast price. You can even hand-deliver your phone to their central London office. If you prefer to take Amazon gift vouchers you can get an extra 8% for your mobile phone. The website is easy to use and has lots of great information for you to read.

If it’s broken should you just throw it away?

NO: Throwing unwanted or out of date phones into a landfill site could be adding to toxic substances that contaminate soil, plants, water, and animal life. Think of the environment and do your bit: RECYCLE.