Gift shopping on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing boring items make sure you give a token something. Gifts that cost a fiver or less can be as thoughtful as more costly presents; you just have to think about what will bring a smile to the face of the person you’re buying for.


Stylish wedding gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can find great presents on the web, such as full colour framed prints which can be personalised with the happy couple’s initials. Last-minute dispatch options are usually available on prints, which is always good if you’re a bit forgetful.

For your person, you live with

A set of door knockers can be a nice gift for the person you live with. An example set includes five double-sided door hangers which show different mood types depending on how they feel. Messages as “Bad hair day, not accepting visitors”, “Go away, unless you’re sorry and have flowers”, “Princess inside, enter and curtsey” and others lend a sense of humour to the occasion.

For your friends

If your friend has a sweet tooth, you don’t have to dig deep in your pocket to please them. There is an unlimited range of sweet treats which are guaranteed to hit the chocolate spot, or indeed, combine looking good with sweet treats in a gift like a lip balm with a mint chocolate fragrance.

For the kids

You usually can’t go empty-handed to your friends’ house if they have children. Affordable but quirky gifts include temporary animal hand tattoos, glitter guns or grass heads, just as examples. These gifts cost less than £5 but can make the day of the child in question.

There is a basic rule in shopping: if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If you can afford it and it’s a bargain – go for it. Online shopping offers countless possibilities for bargain hunting that isn’t just wise household spending, but overall good philosophies to live with!