For many of us, online shopping has become the norm and it’s likely to be the first place we will search for a bargain this holiday season. In an economic climate where we all want more for less, it is becoming increasingly common to hear of horror stories regarding online shoppers that have become victims to cybercriminals.

Although there are still online fraudsters out there, truth be told the web has never been safer with the emergence of “e currency”, however, many people still don’t shop online due to trust issues. This is very understandable as personal details such as credit cards are very important to individuals and the risk of these falling into the wrong hands is enough to send shivers down the spine of the most fearless shopper.

With this in mind the points below highlight simple but effective tips and methods of staying safe whilst online shopping.

E Currency

E currency allows you to stay private when you are using your money online. Such an e currency service is provided by Ukash, which allows you to be safe online. To use Ukash e currency you don’t need to provide your financial details, all you require is cash. It is very safe and simple, if you want a Ukash voucher for £20 you simply hand over £20 in cash.

Ukash is a widely accepted and easy to use the electronic currency. It is a great way to keep safe online, leaving you to enjoy your shopping without the fears associated with using your debit and credit cards on the internet.

Website Validity

Avoid handing details to suspicious, dodgy looking websites. If you are visiting a website for the first time it may be worth doing some background research or even request a brochure or catalogue to be sent. Another great way to check a website’s reputation is through social media platforms, it is common knowledge that an unhappy customer will tell at least 15 people, so it’s more than likely to be done through sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you do choose to use your debit and credit cards for online transactions ensure you only enter your card details on secure websites, always check for the padlock symbol located in the URL address bar at the top of your web browser.

Download Security Software

Although security software has been available for years, with the recent credit crunch people are looking for ways to cut back, it is imperative this isn’t included in your list of savings. There is a wide range of security software available on the market for reasonable prices, many of which will automatically update your computer allowing you to shop online whilst limiting the threat of spyware and viruses.

Safety is a big concern for everyone and hopefully, by following these tips your online transactions will be more secure this Christmas leaving you to browse your online retailers worry-free.