Following on from the SelectSpecs £5 glasses promotion ( many of our readers managed to purchase a pair of bargain prescription glasses because we had the heads up on the promotion long before it got on to other websites and blogs, stock nearly run out since the last promotion they’ve since got a new factory and staff and 50,000 more pairs of £5/£8 glasses and their officially launching it this week so keep an eye open as the site still shows no stock, but not for long.

Again be quick if you didn’t manage to get a pair the last time we run this story. can supply both budget prescription eyeglasses to top designer sunglasses, many of my friends bought the £8 prescription pair, for the sake of £3 there was a lot more choice and to take on holiday, ideal.


As do not need a high street store, remember, they can save you up to 80%! I was shocked when I found out how much the retailers were making, I can see another few shops not liking these secrets getting out.

Ordering Prescription Glasses, Prescription Sunglasses or Designer Sunglasses through is really very easy, there is a page of information with details the process in order to demonstrate how simple the ordering process from can be.

You might see this kind of post on other websites and blogs in a few days so AGAIN be quick in case they sell out.