Holidays are known for bringing families and their drama together. Trade in the drama this winter for sunshine, shopping or shindigs!


Revitalise your mind, spirit and tan by basking in the sunshine.

Dubai– One of the hottest cities on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai has nine hours of winter sunshine – No wonder they’re always expanding with idyllic 31 degrees Celsius weather.

Egypt – Remember to thank Ra, Egypt’s Sun God, for the nine hours of glorious sunshine. Soak up the 27 degrees Celsius and there will be no need to venture to the afterlife.

The Canary Islands – The famous Spanish archipelago is the perfect tropical getaway. Basking in 24 degrees Celsius weather for seven hours will feel like paradise.


During Christmas, shopping gives the gift of giving and its retail therapy for you!

New York – While the inflated dollar is bad news for Americans, foreigners can find great deals. New York is the fashion capital of the United States.

France – With the sales taxes already printed on the price tag, shopping in France is a breeze. You can choose to venture to charming local shops or stroll down Champs-Elysées.

Brussels – Before dashing out for Belgium chocolate and beer, be sure to check out Brussels’ other gems. If you are looking to explore Brussels’ great finds, you’ll find a bargain at the exquisite markets.


There’s nothing like ringing in New Year with a bang!

London – You will definitely ring in the New Year if you choose to watch the spectacular firework display near Big Ben. Twelve thousand fireworks going off under the watchful eye of the London Eye will make you feel the New Year’s bang.

Berlin – If you’re looking for an extravaganza, then it doesn’t get better the largest open-air party in the world. Join millions at the iconic Brandenburg Gate for an unforgettable night.

Dublin – There’s nothing like the luck of the Irish to kick the year off. With so many pubs to choose from, you are bound to find a local celebration.

Don’t forget the priceless experience of staying in and celebrating with friends and loved ones!