Christmas is coming and with thousands upon thousands of people making those inevitable trips to be with loved ones, it’s a guaranteed economy boost for the transport industry.

Many of us seem to happily brush off the fact we’ve spent a small fortune at Christmas, but the amount of cash that goes on travel can end up being not much less than the cost of buying gifts, food and all of the other expensive trimmings that come with the period.

Where travel is concerned, you’ll save if you’re prepared and here are some tips to help you be just that:

1: Cheap train tickets can be snapped up when you book in advance. Your best bet of getting a cheap ticket is when you book about 12 weeks prior to the date of travel when the tickets are released.

2: Rail season tickets can be a great way to save money on rail fares as well – check with your train operator to find out what season tickets are available.

3: Book your airfares well in advance to get the best deal if you are considering flying to your Christmas destination.

4: It makes sense to shop around for flights, and be aware of low fare carriers. Often the hidden costs associated with simply getting to and from the airports they operate from and checking in baggage etc. can prove to be just as expensive or more than other airlines.

5: When flying, try to save your Christmas shopping for when you get there, otherwise you could end up paying a lot of money for exceeding your baggage allowance.

6: Consider using the bus. It’ll take longer than other modes of transport, but coach travel deals available in the UK are in abundance and you could save yourself a fortune.

7: Driving to your destination can save you money as it’ll save you from hiring a car when you get to your destination. Even better, with the cost of fuel on the constant rise, find out if anyone you know is planning to get to the same place as you and ask them to split the fuel costs with you.

8: If you drive at night when the roads are quieter, you’ll not only get there quicker but save on fuel, as you’ll reduce the chances of traffic jams.

9: Avoid paying for your travel fares with a credit card if possible. Many travel companies charge extra fees, so you’ll save in the long run if you use a debit card instead.

10: Buying your train tickets online as well as airfares may always lead you to cheaper options! You’ll have the time and flexibility to try out different dates, times and routes to help you make sure you’re getting to your destination in the most cost-effective way.