Job satisfaction depends how content you are in your job. The happier you are within your job, the more satisfied you will be in your private life. Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation, although it is clearly linked. Finding the right job design will enhance your job satisfaction, performance and pay.

With the current economy leaving employees worried about redundancies your involvement with innovative ideas might enhance and secure your position within the company even if it is not part of your job role.

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Job satisfaction is a very important attribute which many organizations now measure. The most common way this is carried out is measurement is allowing employees to report their reactions to their jobs. Questions related to pay, work responsibilities, tasks, promotional opportunities, the work itself and other co-workers.

Companies have begun to realize how important the work-life balance is to the productivity and creativity of their employees. Employees who were more favourable toward their organization’s efforts to support work-life balance will have a much lower intent to leave the organization, take days sick and take greater pride in their job, a willingness to recommend it as a place to work and have a higher overall job satisfaction.

Employers can offer a range of different programs and initiatives, such as flexible working arrangements in the form of part time, casual and telecommuting work. More proactive employers can provide compulsory leave, strict maximum hours and foster an environment that encourages employees not to continue to work after hours.

Always speak to your company if you can offer skills that might be on your CV that they could utilize, often this is often tucked away and forgotten about. Could you put ideas forward to reduce costs, I know this is welcomed by many organisations at the moment.

We all have stressful busy days, even times where we feel angry; when you have a bad day make sure you don’t take that home with you, literally or mentally. Give yourself a chance by taking care of yourself and drawing boundaries between work and personal thoughts.

Many people these days do some form of fitness straight after work, Physical exercise is one of the most effective ways of relieving stress. Exercising the body regularly is very effective in managing stress, on its own or as a part of a stress management plan. Getting into better shape improves your mental health as well as your physical health.

When you physically exert yourself the body releases chemical substances (endorphins) these natural substances produced by our own bodies are free of side effects, except for making us feel much better.


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