Are you thinking of buying a scooter or motorbike? If so, then why not read a guide that could help save you money, save time, and keep you safe on the road?!

Bennetts insurance has put together a really helpful ‘Moped and Scooter Ownership Guide‘. This guide is in a powerful storytelling software that makes it a joy to read.

Having worked alongside other experts in contributing to this guide, I feel you’ll certainly benefit from reading the content. Especially with interesting facts like this below:

“If you’re self-employed and buy a new motorcycle or scooter you can claim back 100% of the purchase price against tax. Yes folks, you can have a free company bike”

The full guide is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully own and ride a moped or scooter in the UK. The layout of the guide begins with a list of positive reasons to purchase a two-wheeled vehicle.

Key points illustrate:

  • The two-wheel or four, what can you save?
  • Two wheels- The best way to commute?
  • The low down from a Scooter Commuter!
  • Licencing Laws – Getting on the Road
  • Staying Safe on the Road – Top tips for first-time riders
  • Choosing the right insurance policy

The guide then transitions the process of ownership laws and insurance premiums, outlining the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) program, which is a one-day course required by law to operate mopeds up to 125cc in engine size. Between the ages of 17-24, you can continue to gain further licensing which eventually leads to the DAS (Direct Access), which allows you to legally ride bikes of any size.

Find out why “More People Are Switching To Two Wheels

In closing, this guide is a must-have for those considering owning a moped/scooter. It offers great detail for first time owners and riders and illustrates how to obtain, maintain, and stay safe on your new bike.

Contributors to the guide include:

#1 Peter Millikin (Me)

Money-Saving Blog – I have gone through the process of buying a Moped on more than one occasion. Here I provided my top tips for saving money, and what you should consider when buying a Moped.

Follow Peter Millikin on Twitter: @YouCouldSave

#2 Davide Previtia

Now converted (from public transport) scooter owner and details how he saves time on his commute to work compared to public transit, how to dress and stay warm in bad weather, and how to save on insurance by choosing the policy that is right for you.

Follow Davide Previti on Twitter: @DavidePreviti

#3 Alan Hearnshaw

Alan outlines safety protocol for new riders. Some of his key points include continually being in the most visible position in the road (so other drivers are aware of your presence), using the “two-second” rule to maintain a safe distance between vehicles in front for sudden stops, ensuring awareness of surroundings at all times, and investing in clothing that is both weather appropriate and reflective.

Follow Alan Hearnshaw Twitter: @ScootSafely

#4 Peter Henshaw

The alternative transport magazine. For over 20 years reviewing: folding bikes, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, trailers, trikes, public transport & more

#5 Ian ‘Iggy’ Grainger

2Commute is the leading UK based website for all scooter, commuter and small capacity news, road tests, reviews and products.

Follow Ian ‘Iggy’ Grainger on Twitter: @2commute