Committed to housing first time buyers in London, L&Q is continuously looking for ways to raise awareness of Shared Ownership and enhance its customer’s buying process.

The PricedIn website, launched earlier this year, provides simple step-by-step guides to purchasing a property through Shared Ownership; covering everything from registering and reserving, to completion and getting the keys to your new home.

L&Q recognises the buying process is best described by people who have experienced it first hand and uses a host of PricedIn ambassadors to demonstrate this. First time buyer Anton, is the owner of a two bed bedroom Shared Ownership apartment with L&Q, and is one of eight case studies providing insight and individual thoughts on the process.

Each step is addressed in the videos, including the process with financial advisors. Anton comments; ‘It was amazingly quick. I had my keys to the flat in less than a month which was incredible. Everybody was so professional and really informative; they talked me through it really carefully. It was an amazing experience, I couldn’t be happier”.

Like many people considering the part-buy, part-rent initiative, he also expresses the surprise in finding he was eligible: “I thought Shared Ownership was mainly for key workers, so was surprised to see that I could afford to buy a property on a single income.”

The videos also bring the resident’s locations to life, demonstrating Anton’s connectivity: “I can bike to work in just 15 minutes. The route is through the park, it’s lovely, a really quiet route. Then if it rains I go to Canada Water and get the tube – just two stops and I’m at work. It’s easy to get to most places I like. The East London Line takes you straight to Shoreditch.”



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