A lack of cash doesn’t have to equate to a lack of style – reduced buying budgets do however require a little more time and effort to achieve the look you want, but can often mean much more efficient and satisfying results in the end.

Here’s our frugal guide to furnishing your home for less.

1: Protect Big Purchases

Making the effort to protect your existing furniture can extend its life span, especially for big buys. Mattresses and sofas are two big purchases and are also important to our general well-being – mattress covers are a great form of protection as well as adding extra comfort, whilst removable covers for sofas will help keep the piece looking fresh way into the future – an upholstery protector can also play a key role in keeping soft furnishings looking newer for longer.

2: Find a Bargain

Shop around for the best deal available – seasonal sales and discounts can be a good opportunity to cash in on bagging big buys for less, whilst comparing prices and taking advantage of ‘price match’ promises also pays dividends. Many big name retailers will also offer 0% credit periods on high value items, such as sofas.

3: Choose Carefully

Trends come and go, but true style lasts a lifetime. Expensive purchases should be carefully considered, especially when it comes to longevity. Choose a colour that will blend should you choose to change the colour scheme of the room; if you do opt for a current trend be sure that you’ll still be happy with it when next seasons style hits the shops – classic design spans a whole host of decades, from vintage Victoriana through to sleek 60’s chic.

4: Invest Wisely

Thrifty doesn’t mean ‘cheap’, it means ‘wisely economic’ – don’t automatically opt for the cheapest model on the market. Investment means getting the most out of your money – for buys, such as beds and sofas, it’s important to make a comfortable investment that will stand the test of time. Spending a little more on a quality purchase first off, can sometimes save money in the long run.

5: Recycle and Reuse

Whether you choose to refresh and refurbish your own items or take a trip to the car boot and charity shops, it’s easy to breathe new life into old furniture. Use cutting edge paint colours to add a splash to chests, stools and tables; make new covers for old sofas; invest in a new mattress for use on a vintage bed frame.


Peter has received many accreditation's including many from the Times Online. As founder of You Could Save (2005) , What Stationers (2007) and more recently, Peter Millikin (2018). Peter regularly helps consumers and national organisation ‘save money’. He believes that the only successful way to bring people together online is to provide an open marketplace where people can all work together in a friendly, unbiased environment.

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