Traditional brown rock salt is a natural, effective and very economical method of de-icing driveways, garden paths and the road outside your home. It’s safe to use and, thanks to its anti-caking additive, it will keep for a long time if stored properly in a salt bin.

There are tricks and tips to keeping your expenditure on rock salt down – so you can afford to keep your family and visitors to your home safe over winter, and get your car off the driveway when you need to get out and about.

Tip 1: Buy Rock Salt Online

There are some great rock salt deals to be found online. Established British rock salt suppliers buy in such large quantities that the price discounts to customers can be very impressive indeed. Some also sell pre-packed de-icing kits especially aimed at the needs of homeowners on a budget.

Choose a rock salt supplier that has been around for some time and which has invested money into an e-commerce website that makes it easy to find what you want and need, and preferably one which has a low-price guarantee and is clear about its transportation and delivery.

When you buy rock salt online, also consider what other equipment is available – see below for our tip about this!

Tip 2: Store Rock Salt Properly

Rock salt attracts moisture – this is one of the reasons it is such a good de-icer, but it also means it needs proper storage. A dedicated salt bin, which has a well-fitting dual-skinned heavy lid, is a brilliant idea. These robust bins come in sizes small enough to fit into modest gardens or yards and will protect your salt stores all year round.

Your rock salt should arrive dry from a reputable supplier – the experts know that damp or wet drop salt clumps and is harder and heavier to distribute; so only accept deliveries of a good quality, dry product and do your best to keep it that way.

Tip 3: Use The Right Tools

You can spread rock salt with a shovel or a scoop, though people with larger gardens, longer driveways or who live off the beaten track might find a pedestrian push-along salt spreader takes the hard work out of gritting.

Not only this, but using a specially-designed spreader may help make your salt stocks last longer – they give an even distribution over a large area – and can probably do a better job than elbow grease and a shovel ever could. They are not as expensive as you might think and these tough push-alongs often come with a lifetime guarantee – that’s an investment into rock salt economy and protection for your back, all rolled into one.

You will need to start preventative gritting if temperatures drop to around 2 degrees Celsius, so a thermometer might be a good idea too.


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