You only have to listen to the news to know that the prices of gas and electricity are constantly on the rise, almost to a point where it is actually becoming too expensive for some people to afford to pay their bills on time and it is for this reason that more and more people are looking for ways to save money and energy wherever possible.

There really are lots of little ways, and some larger ones, that can help you to reduce the amount of energy that is used in your home. All of these things will add up and help you to reduce the amount of gas and electricity that you are using, and therefore hopefully reduce your bills by at least a few percent.

Loss of heat is one of the main energy wastages that a home has and this therefore adds to the cost of gas and electricity vastly. Older homes are a particular culprit when it comes to heat loss as they are usually poorly insulated and hold just single glazed windows. Loft insulation is the first place to start with preventing heat loss and cavity wall insulation will also help to reduce heat loss all over your home. Another way that you can help to keep heat in is by having lined curtains and tucking them behind your radiators if they are located underneath your window. The main way to save on your heating loss is to have double glazing fitted. This can save you up to 20% of your total heating spend which is a huge amount each and every year and you will notice the benefit as soon as you have your windows and doors replaced.

Appliances are really essential to modern life now and while no-one wants to have to return to washing clothes and wringing them out by hand there are some changes that can be made to ensure that appliances are as energy saving as possible. When replacing appliances always look at the energy efficiency rating and purchase the highest rated appliance that you can afford. Always look for a cool cycle and a quick wash when purchasing a washing machine as this can save you lots of water and electricity over a year just by switching some of your washes to cooler washes or quicker ones instead of running the usual length of cycle which can be in excess of two hours. Also switch from cordless to wireless when it comes to your house phone as this can save you some money also.

Turning your thermostat down by one degree can be a fantastic way to save yourself some money and even just one degree can make a huge difference to the amount of energy that you use to heat your home.

When heading off to bed always ensure that you have a quick walk around your home to check that all of your appliances are turned off and that your heating is adjusted based on the time that you are hoping to get out of bed the following day. If you are having a day off work and likely to either be heading out when you wake up or having a nice lie in then ensure that you adjust your heating accordingly so it is not turning on before it is needed.


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