Today the office of national statistics released figures that surprised many economists throughout the UK. It has been announced that the number of employed people in Britain rose by a total of 212,000 to 29.6 million, which is the highest since records began in January 1971.

Although this is great news for jobseekers, more than half of the increase was a result of part-time job creations.

Competition for jobs is fiercer than ever with a reported 60 applicants per every retail job in the UK emphasising that there are still many hurdles to overcome for the recovering economy. Nevertheless there are still jobs out there.

So how can you improve your chances of getting the dream job and, in turn, set yourself apart from the crowd? Unfortunately there is no defining answer to this question, however there are many tactics you can employ to improve your prospects in the job market.

Market Yourself

Don’t sit and wait for the perfect job and opportunity to land at your feet. Ask anyone that is successful and they will tell you that to reach the top of the ladder it takes long hours, dedication and self-confidence. This mentality is applicable to job seeking, it may take up hours of your day and at times it can be demoralising but you cannot let it affect your self-confidence and belief in your own ability.

One of the best ways to market your skill set is through recruitment websites and agencies. It is important to follow recruitment websites who are specialists in the finance industry, as this will allow you to keep on top of the latest job opportunities in your area of interest. Also by joining the mailing lists, of such websites, it will allow you to be the first to apply.

Improve CV

Even though you may be in between jobs, it is imperative you are still actively improving your CV. Potential employers and recruitment agencies will always question gaps in employment, therefore take advantage of any voluntary, freelance and intern opportunities. Although these may seem irrelevant to your desired career path they can provide great life and work experiences that can always be talking point at an interview.

Interview Preparation

Besides the obvious basics of arriving on time and being dressed smartly, there are also a few other good tips that may set you apart from other candidates, which can be very effective. For example researching the company before you attend for the interview will always impress. Although it may sound like a “geeky” tactic it will always work in your favour as it shows real interest in the company and the vacant post in question.

After the interview always thank the interviewer for their time with a smile and a handshake. To go the extra mile and to reiterate your interest in the job position, follow up with a thank you email. This is quick, simple and free to do and it will do nothing to harm your chances.


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