If you’re a smoker, everyone in the medical profession will tell you the dangers this habit can have on your health. If you’re like me, you may have tried several different methods to stop smoking and failed!

I’m finally free from smoking and in June 2012, it will be my 2 year milestone. I used an electronic cigarette for a few weeks so I never really missed the craving of smoking, I found this really helped me.The addiction to nicotine can convince you nothing bad will ever happen to you but take a look at some of these statistics below.

A smoker is twelve times more likely to die from lung cancer.
A smoker is ten times more likely to die from some form of lung disease.
A smoker is ten times more likely to die from cancer of the larynx.
A smoker is six times more likely to die of heart disease.
A smoker is twice as likely to die of a stroke.

Has the statistics convinced you it is time to quit smoking?

Another factor with smoking is the cost.  An average pack of cigarettes is now £5.45 a pack, if you smoke one pack a day that’s £38.15 a week, £165.31 a month, and a and worse still £1983.79 a year

If someone has smoked for 20 years they could have bought a second hand Ferrari with the money they spent on cigarettes!

I quit smoking this Father’s day (22 days ago) I won’t say it has been easy because it hasn’t! I went for advice at my local health centre and have been using 24hr patches which have really taken the edge off the withdrawal feeling. I still get moment were I forget I can’t smoke and then feel cross and irritable but a quick blast on my push bike and it soon passes.

If you have tried to give up before then try again, you might find like me the patches have drastically improved since you last gave up.

I joined the No Smoking Forum which offers incentives; quit smoking tips, tricks and advice. The many different categories on the forums will really help you stay off the cigarettes.


Peter has received many accreditation's including many from the Times Online. As founder of You Could Save (2005) , What Stationers (2007) and more recently, Peter Millikin (2018). Peter regularly helps consumers and national organisation ‘save money’. He believes that the only successful way to bring people together online is to provide an open marketplace where people can all work together in a friendly, unbiased environment.

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