Money Pig in WaterNobody likes wasting money and this has never been more important than in today’s modern society.

With water bills inevitably set to rise in the future, we all need to be doing everything within our power to keep our costs to an absolute minimum. However, unlike gas and electricity, you can’t simply switch to another water provider to save money. So what are your options? Fortunately, there are a number of measures that you can implement in your home to save water and more importantly, save the environment. Let’s have a look at a few of the most popular ones:

Take showers not baths

Believe it or not, you can save a huge amount of water by taking showers rather than enjoying a soak in the bath. In fact, it takes around 160 litres of water to fill an average bath tub. In comparison, a five-minute shower uses just over 50 litres of water.

For those people who don’t have a shower in their bathrooms, the switch to vertical washing is obviously more difficult. However, with so much choice out there and so many retailers supplying excellent shower enclosures, every homeowner can make the change.

Repair dripping taps

It might sound obvious but dripping taps waste water. And while it may only be a drip, the cumulative effect can be noticeable. At the end of the day, a dripping tap can usually be fixed very easily and very cheaply, so why watch your money literally go down the plughole?

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth

It’s usually down to habit or pure laziness, but so many people leave the tap running while they brush their teeth. Again, the perceived impact is that it’s negligible but the long-term savings that can be realised by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth are significant.

This is especially apparent if you can get everyone in your household to adopt this approach while brushing their teeth. The savings could even go towards a family day-out or fun activity.

Invest in a water butt

When there isn’t a ban, many people use hosepipes to water their gardens. However, a great way to conserve water in this area is to get yourself a water butt. Leave it underneath a gutter downpipe, ensure it has a lid to prevent evaporation and you’ve got yourself a free supply of garden water – just don’t let the kids drink out of it!

Load up your washing machine

It’s a lot thriftier to wash big loads of clothes than it is to machine wash just a few items. This is because the amount of water used is inevitably the same, regardless of how many garments are thrown in. Therefore, wait until your wash basket is getting full before loading the washing machine and switching it on. The same principle should be applied if you have a dishwasher.


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