Now is the time of the year when most people will be celebrating, and in many cases, they will be drinking. Unfortunately, many people will be driving after drinking as well.

While you may think that you can stay in control of your vehicle after you have had over the recommended limit, it simply is not true.

Drinking and Driving Fatalities

Almost 40 percent of all driving-related fatalities are caused by drivers who had been drinking. If you choose to drink and drive, you are placing your life at risk as well as anyone who may be passenger with you and anyone else who is driving on the road. Other people who could be harmed by you if you drink and drive include pedestrians and cyclists.

Drinking and Driving is Against the Law

First of all, drinking and driving is against the law. If you get caught breaking this law, you could lose your driver’s license. You may also have to pay some large fines and serve time in prison. In some cases, you may even have a difficult time finding a job or home after being convicted of a DUI.

Insurance Concerns

If you are convicted of a DUI, your car insurance rates will skyrocket, and in some cases, insurance companies may even drop you altogether. Furthermore, if you were involved in an accident while you were intoxicated, your insurance company may not pay for any damages done to your vehicle.

Plan Ahead

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should not drink and drive. Therefore, the best thing to do is to make transportation arrangements before you even take your first drink. Do not wait until you have had too much to drink before you think about how you are going to get home.

At this point, your judgement will be impaired, and you most likely will not make the right decisions. Some of the arrangements you may choose to make include leaving your car and keys at home, giving your car keys to a designated driver, or planning to simply stay where you are until the next day.

Another great transportation arrangement I found locally to me in Brighton was from a company called Chauffeur Monkey. When you have had too much to drink, Chauffeur Monkey will drive you home in your own car and drop your friends off too. This is a terrific service, even if you chose to take a traditional taxi ride home and leave your car at the pub, you would still have to fetch the car the next day. Drive your car too early and you could still be over the drink drive limit.

There is absolutely no excuse to drink and drive. When you choose to drive after drinking, you are not only putting your own life at risk, but you are placing other lives at risk as well. There are many transportation arrangements you can choose if you have been drinking, and the above options are some of the best.



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