Do You Think The Sun Is Good For You?


We live in the UK so it’s pretty dark and dreary most of the year. When the sun is shining, we pour outside and soak up every last drop. But if you are doing this without protecting yourself with sun cream, you are putting yourself in danger of skin cancer down the road.
Here are some numbers to consider:

In the UK, over 100,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed per annum

  • 10,000 cases of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, are diagnosed each year
  • 2,203 deaths in the UK were attributed to malignant melanoma skin cancer in 2010
  • Malignant melanoma is now the 5th most common cancer in the UK

You can see that it’s a very real problem and you need to take steps today to protect yourself.

We love the sun so much because it makes us feel better, provides Vitamin D and is believed to banish depression. Going outside on a sunny day is a huge mood booster, especially in a climate as rainy and dreary as ours. I’m not saying don’t go outside; you definitely should enjoy the outdoors whenever you can! I am just pleading with you to use some “common sense” and protect yourself from the devastating diagnosis of cancer.

Here are 5 tips on choosing the right sun cream:

  1. Check the expiration date.
  2. Know the symbols.
  3. Choose your SPF wisely.
  4. Don’t go cheap.
  5. Read resources on how to reduce the risks of skin cancer.

1: Check the expiration date

Sun creams are generally good for up to two years, unopened, but once the bottle is open, you need to use it within 18 months.

2: Know the symbols

A star rating is often assigned to sun screams. Choose a high star rating and a high SPF. If you see the letters UVA with a circle ringing it, this means the UVA protection is at least one third of the SPF, which is exactly what you need.

3: Choose your SPF wisely

It is recommended to use an SPF of at least 15. The higher the SPF, the better protection the sun cream provides. A higher SPF with a higher number of stars is a great combination.

4: Don’t go cheap

While I usually encourage you to save anywhere you can, don’t just buy the cheapest sun cream you can find. This is an investment in your health so spend wisely, even if that doesn’t mean cheaply.

5: Resource to Cancer Risks And Treatments

Use these tips to protect yourself this summer, while still enjoying whatever bits of sunshine we get.

For more information on risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer:

Cancer Research – Preventing Skin Cancer

You can follow Cancer Research on Twitter @CR_UK You can also donate money directly to them on the homepage:

What are your thoughts to “Protect yourself today to prevent skin cancer in the future

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  1. Fitness Saver September 8, 2014 at 12:42 pm -

    Vitamin D deficiency is pretty common nowadays as we are stuck indoors so much of the time. I think the problem comes with the tanning culture where people sunbathe, I live in Asia now and since they get a lot more sunshine than in the UK alot of people use umbrellas whenever they are outside to shield themselves from the sun.

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