There are many ways to show your love that don’t need to cost much money. By making food gifts for some of the people on your Christmas list this year, you will save money and present your loved ones with a gift that shouts, “I love you!”

Biscuits and sweets are also an ideal gifts to give to teachers at the end of term!

Make a huge batch at a time to minimise the time spent on making these treats. Here are some ideas from to get you started.

Simply click on the link to find the full recipe.

Snowmen biscuits: Round biscuits with cream cheese frosting, decorated with dried currants and orange peel.

Coconut and almond macaroons: A five ingredient delight that is easy to make and looks beautiful.

Cream cheese cut-out biscuits: These are extra-special sugar biscuits with the addition of the cream cheese. You can cut them out in any shape you desire.

Christmas gingerbread biscuits: These are beautiful and festive and you can even hang them on your tree.

Find more biscuit recipes, as well as recipes for biscotti, macaroons and various candies at

If the thought of baking a bunch of goodies sends you into more of a frenzy than spending money on gifts, consider doing a food gift in a jar. These are easy, affordable and look very festive for the holidays.

Most biscuit recipes can easily be put into a canning jar. You simply layer the correct amounts of the dry ingredients. Then close the jar tightly and adorn with a ribbon or bow. Attach a card that tells the recipient which liquid ingredients to add and instructions on mixing and baking the treats. Soups can be layered in a jar and they look quite beautiful this way  too.

Check out these jar recipes to get you started.

Bean soup in a jar: Use up your dried beans by making this festive looking soup.

Coconut blondies in a jar: A six ingredient winner that will be sure to please.

Muffin mix in a jar: A big batch of delicious chocolate muffins.

No matter if you decide to do the baking yourself or simply give the ingredients to the people on your gift list, these gifts will be well-received. The recipient will feel loved and cared for when they bite into the treats you have prepared for them.


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