The work of charities is crucial and there’s many organisations which are incredibly deserving of support. We’d all like to help, but deciding on the best method of actually making a donation can be tricky.

Now there’s a simple, free and incredibly effective way that you and your employer can give more to charities by spending less.

Payroll giving – “Give As You Earn”

Payroll giving, or what the Charities Aid Foundation term ‘Give As You Earn’, is the most popular payroll giving scheme in the UK. It’s a great way for you and your colleagues to make a lasting contribution to UK charities, work together and achieve a goal, all while saving on tax. The scheme, which makes the donation directly from your pre-tax pay, is tax-effective for individuals and employers can deduct any matching contribution against corporation tax. It’s win – win! Charities love the scheme too, it gives them a regular income and helps their future stability.

Currently there are 3,800 schemes helping over 430,000 employees make more than 3.3 million donations to charities in the last financial year. That’s a huge number and the scheme’s effectiveness means that it’s constantly growing.

This is an especially great time to sign up. In November the CAF will be starting their largest ever Give As You Earn Promotion. They hope to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds of regular income for UK charities. All you need to do in order to take part is submit your Give As You Earn Application Form by 24 October 2014 and you will be entered into the competition where you could win £5,000 for charity! You can find a little more about payroll giving and find a downloadable application on this page here

One in three employees say that they would sign up for payroll giving if their employer offered it, would you join them?


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